2 étudiants lauréats du concours Cooper & the Home 2018

Charlotte Putois et Ludovic Lezandron, étudiants en première année, ont obtenu la Mention Spéciale du Jury pour leur projet ANKNAES et ont à cette occasion été invités à Milan pour la remise des prix.


Copper is one of the first materials to have been used by mankind for its chemical biological, conductivity and mechanical properties. It has enable people to create a number of objects across the centuries and it is a material which is still used today in fields such as electricity, sanitation and cooking. Historically, copper occupies a prominent place in the production of artifacts. It also plays a part in the socialization of peoples and cultures. We have chosen explore the lead of the social aspect of sustainable development to highlight the qualities of this environment-friendly material which has fostered the cultural and technical developments of societies through the concept of a service tray which is a symbol of sharing between peoples. For us, associating this simple object with copper offers a possibility to give another dimension to the wide range of surface treatment by copper, so there are many possibilities to transform and check it. Composed of three stackable elements, “Anknaes” suggests the encourage guest to share at occasional friendly events, like family meals or, more generally, when receiving guests. The three trays enable you to redefine the space of the table and to showcase the appetizer service. Anknaes enables you to two different stacks ways modes of the trays. Right side up, they are used in a traditional way, like containers, and they can be positioned on the table according to the user’s needs. Side out, they are stackable and they offer a interlocking of forms, a graphic game which suggests an abstract landscape that comes to decorate the center of table. In this stackable configuration, trays are combined by a common edge and each tray has a singular surface treatment that sublimate the distinctive features of cooper. Beyond these purely decorative and functional values, this set symbolises linking and uniting peoples.